Speaker Academy

Professional Public Speaking

What you say matters…

But how you say it matters even more

The Hundred Proof Performance, Professional Speaker Academy teaches your team how to:

  • Appear fearless before any audience and convert your
    nervous energy into energy and enthusiasm.
  • Stand out among your peers by ditching the death by
    powerpoint presentations
  • Wow crowds with your content.
  • Recognize the signs of audience interest as they
    hang on to your every word.
  • Captivate audience attention with dynamic style.
  • Create memorable messages quickly and efficiently
  • Stay focused and confident, no matter what
  • Use stories to communicate with impact
  • Motivate people to achievement.
  • Do more than just get through, get great.

Studies have shown that professionals with the ability to speak in front of an audience consistently earn higher incomes than those without those skills.


“If all my talents and powers were to be taken from me by some inscrutable Providence,
and I had my choice 
of keeping but one, I would unhesitatingly ask for be allowed
to keep the Power of Speaking, for through it 
I would quickly recover all the rest.”
– Daniel Webster

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