The Mindfulness MBA was specifically designed to empower organizations and their employees with a set of powerful tools and practices that enhance leadership effectiveness, improve workforce performance and produce accelerated business results.

MMBA training programs were created to address real-world business problems for busy executives.  Our clients achieve quantifiable results by applying the scientifically-proven outcomes of mindfulness practices to critical business drivers in key functional areas.

  • Leadership practices to create a culture of acceptance, creativity and encouragement.
  • Mindful selling approach that motivates and empowers salespeople to surpass their goals
  • Mindful communication skills for deepening relationships with co-workers and clients leading to improved impact and effectiveness.
  • How to use the power of your mind/body to diffuse negative emotions including stress, disappointment, frustration, anger and depression.
  • Increasing focus and concentration which reduces errors and eliminates incremental stress.

These simple techniques, when used over time, actually rewire your brain to diminish the negative patterns of stress, anxiety and worry that effect on the job performance. Instead you will experience a highly alert, awake and focused state that enables you to do more than ever before.

At the same time, they improve your physical well-being – resulting in healthcare cost savings in the near-term, lower absentee rates and the accompanying increase in productivity.

Perhaps the most exciting opportunity is the moment that employees, leadership and salespeople, wake up to the possibility of working differently and realizing that they can leave their old limitations behind them and be richer for it.

The Mindfulness MBA for Leaders:

Increased internal and external awareness, leading, inspiring and influencing others. Understanding the 9 qualities of mindful leadership.

“These teachings helped us to wake up to our true potential and discover a new approach to the way we do business.” 
 Gary L., Non-Profit CEO

The Mindfulness MBA for Teams:
The foundation for mutual respect, the exchange of ideas, collaborative intention setting and the achievement of collective goals.

The Mindfulness MBA for Salespeople:
Prospecting, communications and attitude yield higher returns and stronger relationships. Shift perspective and focus energy on your business’s biggest opportunities.

The Mindfulness MBA for Non-profits:
Create a healthy focus and sense of mission that delivers measurable results. Channel human capitol to create alignment and clarity around the top priorities and key action items.

Mindfulness MBA Certification:
For the individual or groups that seeks mastery and full integration of these principles and practices. Includes extended instruction and support over a 6-month period of time.

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