High Performance Coaching
for your best life

Are you ready for more?  More to learn, more to grow and more to achieve? Are you ready to step into your best life?  My coaching will help you to clarify your goals and shed any old stories, blocks or false beliefs that are holding you back.

After all, Life is too short to waste another minute living anything less than your best life.
Let’s get started!

Performance Coaching

Design your best life plan! Let’s craft the goals, strategy
and action steps that will put you exactly
where you want to be in your life!

Transform Fear Into Action



Professional Speaker Training and the Mindfulness MBA
will help you integrate best life practices into every area
of your career and organization

Create The Career of Your Dreams


Performance Hypnosis

Achieve your best life personally and professionally
by leveraging the power of your subconscious mind to
go further in any area of your life.

Attract The Relationship You Truly Deserve


Power Groups

Power your best life with  Hyper-learning opportunities built
to provide a range of perspectives and POV’s that will
move you forward at top speed.

Matthew is exceptionally intuitive, focused and giving...and one of the most "present" individuals I have ever met. I was stuck in the way I "operate," and Matthew guided me to find new ways in how I see myself and my participation in personal and business relationships. Procrastination is less of a problem now, and my personal relationship with the woman in my life is growing. Thank you, Matthew.
Harris Shore Actor, Writer

As my personal High Performance Strategist, Matthew helped me transition from a successful career in traditional media, to a new career in virtual reality. By helping me focus my education and parlay my skills into new areas of expertise, Matthew helped me enter an exciting new industry without losing the value I have built over many years in television. His easy-going professionalism and insightful questions made collaborating with him an absolute pleasure. I will absolutely use his services again and recommend you do, too.

Alex Lang, Brand Poet, VR Troubador


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